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Nellore Sheep Project Report: Introduction:- Nellore sheep is one of the very famous sheep breeds of south India and mostly found in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and other surrounding states of south India. This breed has proven to be very profitable for sheep farmers.
Ganjam goat is one of the Indian goat breeds mostly found in Ganjam district of odhisa and surrounding states like Andhra Pradesh. These goats are also found in some areas of Madhya Pradesh and Kerala. These goats are reared for meat purpose. As goat meat has excellent demand in all states of India
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Grouper Fish Farming: Introduction of Grouper Fish:- Grouper is one of marine fishes belongs to the genus of “Epinephelus”. This fish culture is gaining commercial importance across the world. This fish is locally known as “Lapu Lapu” or “Inid” in Philippines.
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Commercial Goat farming is a process of rearing Goat for commercial production of meat, milk and wool (leather). Commercial Goat production is increasing day by day in India as the demand for meat is growing.
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